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A multi-locus phylogenetic tree of the suborder Tricholomatineae

Submitted by cooperj on Sun, 21/01/2024 - 7:27am

In a recent paper ( the authors carried out a major re-organization of Clitocybe-like species, and the work has been long overdue. Here is a bit of background and a phylogenetic tree to show why.

When I started studying fungi in the 1980s Collybia was the name now given to everything now placed in Gymnopus. Generic names have to follow the placement of the generic type species. Collybia tubersosa is the type species of Collybia and it is an odd, small, species that parasitizes other mushrooms. When the sequencing was done back in 2001 it was clear it wasn't related to most things called Collybia - which was obvious anyway. Many Collybia-like things shifted to Gymnopus (even prior to 2001). What was ignored at the time was that Collybia did provide an alternative name for many species we know as Clitocybe (type species C. nebularis.) and Lepista (type species L. panaeolus(luscina). The authors of the recent paper were brave enough to do what should have been done a long time ago (at least around 2012). Personally though, I would have ditched the recently erected genus Singerocybe and kept a much broader generic concept of Clitocybe for everything in the family.

Here is the phylogenetic tree with the new placements and NZ species in red ...


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