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This blog is about all things mycological, it is great for small articles that don't need to go into the member's reports section. Anyone who has signed up as a user of this website can post here.

A note from Jerry - Currently (Nov. 2012) all the entries here are mine. Don't let this put you off adding entries. I use this site to make available work I don't intend to publish (in this form at least) and which otherwise wouldn't be widely available but which might be of interest. The entries are not peer reviewed so please also use the feedback facility to stimulate discussion.

Miscellaneous phylogenetic trees

Submitted by cooperj on Wed, 24/04/2024 - 1:11pm

I'll use this entry to upload, and occasionally update, various phylogenetic trees for New Zealand fungi.

!: ITS+LSU+Tef tree for the genus Pluteus
2: ITS+LSU+Tef+mtSSU+RPB2 for the Entolomatcaee (from 2022)
3: ITS+LSU tree for the Porotheleaceae/Cyphellaceae
4: ITS+LSU+Tef+RPB2 tree for Agaricus
5: ITS+LSU+SSU+RPB2+Tef tree for the Amanitaceae (from 2020)
6: ITS+LSU+TBP2+Tef tree for the Auriculariales (from 2022)
7: ITS+LSU+Btub+Tef tree for Coprinopsis
8: ITS+LSU+ATP6+mtSSU+RPB2+Tef tree for the Phallales


Mycological Notes 43: The Clavariaceae of New Zealand

Submitted by cooperj on Fri, 01/09/2023 - 7:03pm
These notes are a summary of the present state of knowledge of the club and coral fungi in the family Clavariaceae in New Zealand. The last treatment of the group was back in 1988 and lots of things have changed since then. As usual for fungal groups we have a dominance of undescribed species and older names that have been used incorrectly. The notes are accompanied by a separate file containing the most recent multi-gene phylogeny for the group including sequences of New Zealand material.


Phylogenetic Tree for the Gomphales

Submitted by cooperj on Mon, 03/07/2023 - 11:07am
The order Gomphales contains the colourful coral fungi in the genus Ramaria, as well as some of our unusual and uncommon species like the toothed Beenakia dacostae and the 'gomphoid' species of Gloeocantharellus. The coral fungi were last revised in New Zealand by Ron Petersen in 1988 (The clavarioid fungi of New Zealand. DSIR Science Information Publishing). That was pre-molecular era work and species concepts have changed over time.


Mycological Notes 42: A phylogenetic study of NZ wax-caps

Submitted by cooperj on Wed, 14/04/2021 - 8:13pm

FUNNZ 2021 Colloquium Abstract: New Zealand wax-caps are distinctive and frequently  observed fungi described in the genera Hygrophorus, Gliophorus, Humidicutis, Hygrocybe and ‘Camarophyllus’. They are especially common in wetter regions and in non-mycorrhizal forests. The number of described species has increased since Greta Stevenson’s initial survey in 1962, but their phylogenetic relationships have remained unstudied, and there has been no revision of the group since Egon Horak’s monograph in 1990 (which included 57 taxa).



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