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Westport 2006 Foray Full Species list

We captured information on 682 collections representing 253 taxa. 335 collections were added to PDD. None had a Nationally Critical status although 57 records had a current Data Deficient status. However, 14 collections had only one previous collection, of which 4 new to NZ and 4 were the second collection after the original Type specimen. In addition, the use of the FUNNZ tracking system allowed us to capture and collate 425 images of 165 taxa. Images of macrofungi in their fresh state are critical to identification because gross morphology is lost on drying. Many of the taxa had no previous captured image.

Aeruginospora cf. furfuracea2006/0570Croesus Track, BlackballZT 12604; PDD 88627 
Agaricus2006/0346Charming Creek Walkway  
Agaricus gennadii2006/0281Heaphy Track carpark, Karamea[jac] Unfortunately the volvate sac is not clear on the picture - the primary feature which distinguishes this from bernardii for FAN. Taxon rehabilitated by Orton in 1960 from material collected by Peter Austwick in 1950's in UK.88869
Agaricus gennadii2006/0568Heaphy Track carpark, Karamea(chitonia)88968
Aleuria aurantia2006/0421Lake Hanlon 89857
Aleuria aurantia2006/0815Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea 89030
Amanita australis2006/0068bottom Bridle Track, Denniston 89861
Amanita muscaria2006/1675Murray Creek Track (Reefton)  
Amanita muscaria2006/1676Murray Creek Track (Reefton)  
Amanita nehuta2006/0279bottom Bridle Track, Denniston  
Amanita nehuta2006/0588Charming Creek Walkway, Seddonville end  
Amanita nothofagi2006/0110Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Amanita nothofagi2006/0138Moria Gate Track, Oparara Basin, Karamea  
Amanita nothofagi2006/0303Denniston Track  
Amanita nothofagi2006/0867Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction  
Amanita nothofagi2006/1647Nile River Walkway  
Amanita pareparina2006/0813Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea  
Amanita pekeoides2006/0135Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Amanita pekeoides2006/1070Golden Fleece Battery, Reefton  
Amanita pekeoides2006/1205Nile River Walkway  
Amanita taiepa2006/0039Britannia Walk, Waimangaroa 89851
Amanita taiepa2006/0424Lake Hanlon  
Arachnopezizaceae2006/1229Denniston Walkway 89098
Armillaria hinnulea2006/0041Britannia Walk, Waimangaroa  
Armillaria hinnulea2006/0323Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea 89023
Armillaria hinnulea2006/0368Charming Creek Walkway  
Armillaria limonea2006/0861Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89088
Armillaria limonea2006/1666Pororari River Track (Punakaiki)  
Armillaria limonea2006/1670Fenian Caves Walk (Oparara)  
Armillaria novaezelandiae2006/0113Moria Gate Track, Oparara Basin, Karameatentative species id 
Armillaria novaezelandiae2006/0392Charming Creek Walkway  
Armillaria novaezelandiae2006/0400Lake Hanlon  
Armillaria novaezelandiae2006/1477Charming Creek Walkway  
Artomyces2006/0357Charming Creek Walkway 89858
Artomyces turgidus2006/0447Charming Creek Walkway  
Ascocoryne2006/0246Charming Creek Walkway  
Ascocoryne sarcoides2006/1029Box Canyon, Oparara, Karamea  
Ascocoryne sarcoides2006/1584Nile River[JAC]87108
Astrosporina2006/1470Charming Creek Walkway 88917
Auricularia cornea2006/0081Pororari River Track 88998
Auricularia cornea2006/0153track on right bank, Okari River, Westport  
Auricularia polytricha2006/1664Pororari River Track (Punakaiki)  
Austroboletus lacunosus2006/0380Charming Creek Walkway  
Austroboletus lacunosus2006/0385Punakaiki "Inland Track" 88992
Austroboletus lacunosus2006/0426Lake Hanlon  
Austroboletus lacunosus2006/0606Karamea River Walk 89025
Austroboletus lacunosus2006/1015Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Austroboletus lacunosus2006/1052Croesus Track, Blackball  
Austroboletus lacunosus2006/1642Inland Pack Track, Pororari River crossing  
Austroboletus lacunosus2006/1684Murray Creek Track (Reefton)  
Austroboletus niveus2006/0415Lake Hanlon 89879
Austropaxillus macnabbii2006/0322Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 88976
Austropaxillus macnabbii2006/0871Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 88977
Barya agaricicola2006/0290Murray Creek Track, Reeftonhyperparasite on Mycena88878
Biscogniauxia2006/0591Charming Creek Walkway, Seddonville end  
Bisporella2006/0088Lake Hanlon"green" (?distinct from citrina 
Bisporella citrina2006/0294Murray Creek Track, Reefton  
Bisporella citrina2006/1653Nile River Walkway  
Bisporella citrina2006/1680Murray Creek Track (Reefton)  
Boletus2006/0367Charming Creek Walkway  
Calocera2006/0079Charming Creek Walkway  
Calocera2006/0349Heaphy Track, upstream from Kohaihai swing bridge  
Calostoma rodwayi2006/0968Box Canyon, Oparara, Karamea  
Calostoma rodwayi2006/0969Inland Pack Track, Pororari River crossing  
Calostoma rodwayi2006/1071Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Calostoma rodwayi2006/1636Perseverence Road[JAC] 
Calostoma rodwayi2006/2003
Perseverence Road 87214
Calvatia cyathiformis2006/1085Carters Beach, Westport  
Camarophyllus aurantiopallens2006/0377Pororari River Track 89069
Camarophyllus aurantiopallens2006/1493
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]yellow cap, stem distinctly pinkish, gills decurrent. Spores drop-shaped 6 x 4um87066
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]gill trama gelatinised, cap a trichoderm of extremely diverticulate elements, edge of gills not fimbriate, tissue not discolouring and drying white. 4-spored, inamyloid (or v. weakly so), no cheilocystidia obvious. Spores amygdaliform 9 x 5um. Not any of the taxa treated by Segedin or Singer, close to C. junghunii sensu Parmasto but that described with a more merulioid hymenium and pictured as such by Fuhrer.87081
Campanella olivaceonigra2006/1479Charming Creek Walkway  
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]same taxon as jac8378. sp. nov. dark chocolate brown taxon. Has 4-lobed basal plate, spherical central cells, and 3 lobed terminal cells, repeating 3-way split, with candelabrum-like encrustation. 50um diam. Proabably not this genus? Material with 10117 
Candelabrum2006/1632Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]#2. Colony white, yeasty. Not sporulating.To ICMP 4/9/06 
Cantharellus wellingtonensis2006/0015Charming Creek Walkwaytentative id89100
Cantharellus wellingtonensis2006/0324Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea 89091
Chamonixia pachydermis2006/0154Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Chamonixia pachydermis2006/0285Lake Hanlon  
Chamonixia pachydermis2006/0320Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea 89038
Chamonixia pachydermis2006/0381Punakaiki "Inland Track" 89084
Chamonixia pachydermis2006/0398Waterfall Track, Lewis Pass  
Chamonixia pachydermis2006/0476
Perseverence Road[JAC]Peridium with greenish patches. Spores brown, with 4 longitudinal ridges (more obvious in polar view) 15 x 9um, some with distinct pedicel not mentioned in texts?89871
Chamonixia pachydermis2006/0847Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89074
Chamonixia pachydermis2006/0956Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea  
Chamonixia pachydermis2006/0957Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea  
Chamonixia pachydermis2006/1660Croesus Track Road, c. 1 km from Blackball  
Chamonixia pachydermis2006/1679Murray Creek Track (Reefton)  
Chamonixia pachydermis2006/1685Murray Creek Track (Reefton)  
Chlorociboria2006/0159Murray Creek Track, Reefton 89006
Chlorociboria2006/1143Charming Creek Walkway 89017
Clathrus archeri2006/0809Heaphy Track carpark, Karamea 88980
Charming Creek Walkway[jac] 4-spored, spores allantoid 7 x 4.5, cystidia non-emergent, branched, no tissue clamped, basidia base without loops at base. A Clavaria in subgenus Holocoryne. Macroscopically like alboglobospora or vermicularis but spores wrong for both. Not truly fasciculate sp also close to Petersen's c.f rubicundula, but insufficiently pink for that although spores shape and size is closer. Old basidia collapsing.89863
Clavaria (Clavulinopsis)2006/1211Pororari River Walk, Punakaiki  
Clavaria amoena2006/0025Porarari Walk, Bullock Creek[jac] Spores with refractive walls 7.5um. Microscopically consistent with this sp. A robust collection.89845
Clavaria amoena2006/0247
Chasm Creek Walkway[jac] base of stem white tomentose and white hyphae pad binding soil. Mature sterigma long, spores smooth, hyaline, subglobose/ellipsoid 8x5um, with refractive walls, most 2-spored but some 4-,3, 1 spored, tissue clamped, basidia without basal loops, monomitic. Spores white. Hymenium not changing in Iron salt.89875
Clavaria sulcata2006/0170Denniston  
Clavaria sulcata2006/0311Denniston Walkway 89008
Clavulina2006/0012Punakaiki 89836
Charming Creek Walkway[jac] Very obviously felty with cystidia bunched in fascicles clearly visible under dissecting scope. 2-spored 10x8 subglobose, tissue clamped, some cells with brown plasmatic content,stem ivory, branched (but more fasciculate than branched), basidia < 50um. Again in the area of brunneocinerea, copiosocystidiata but spores are too large.89850
Punakaiki "Inland Track"[jac] grey when dry, looking felty. Tissue clamped, with cystdia (not profusely clamped) emergent (40um), predominantly 2-spored broadly ellipsoid to pyriform 10-12 x 8-10um, basidia 55um long (similar to jac10133 except for emergent cystidia). In the group around C. copiosacystidiate, septocystidiata etc.89833
Clavulina2006/0653Lewis Pass 89847
Clavulina2006/0683Murray Creek Track, Reefton  
Clavulina2006/1639Inland Pack Track/Pororari River Track junction  
Perseverence Road[JAC]stags-horn furcate, arising from white hyphae binding soil. Mostly 2, sometimes 3-spored, spores distinctly pyriform 12 x 9um, tissue clamped, cystidia absent (or basidia-like in which case lots of them), basidia 50um long. The spores are too big for any of the candidates in Petersen.87218
Clavulina geoglossoides2006/0292Murray Creek Track, Reefton?geoglossoides88925
Clavulina hispidulosa2006/0666
Nile River[JAC]white, mild. Hot. 2-spored, cylindrical cystidia present and clealy emergent (looking hairy), some clustered, , septate, clamped, monomitic, all tissue clamped, arbuscularly branched, white when fresh but drying grey, basidia 50 um, spores subglobose 9-10 x 7-9um. Septation and clampes are inconistent. Suspect some of Petersen's spp are synonyms?87112
Clavulina leveillei var. atricha2006/1565Nile River[JAC]taste mild. Tissue clamped, cystidia occasional and only sparsely septate and with clamps, spores globose 9-10um, with dark pigment in tissue (like 8993), basidia 70um long, hardly emergent.87107
Clavulina leveillei var. atricha2006/1565Nile River[JAC]taste mild. Tissue clamped, cystidia occasional and only sparsely septate and with clamps, spores globose 9-10um, with dark pigment in tissue (like 8993), basidia 70um long, hardly emergent.87107
Clavulina samuelsii2006/0383
Punakaiki "Inland Track"[jac] 2-spored, spores collapsing, monomitic, with cystidia, drying ochraceous, clamped, sparsely branched, spores subglobose 9-10um. Keys to Samuelsii except spores larger. Fragments of cystidia broken and present in mount. Macroscopically very similar to a number of other taxa - are they really different?89881
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]Gills dark brown/purple on drying. Cap tissue not gelatinised, clamped, a cutis, no tissue amyloid or dextrinoid, spores elliptical 4x2.5um, with cheilocystidia, without pleurocystidia. Stem fibrous. Gills sinuate, not forked. Not really a Clitocybe, but what?87072
Lewis Pass, 1km east of Maruia Springs[jac]. Ian had as Pseudoclitocybe. With strong basal tomentum. Cap a cutis with extra-cellular pigment, occasional broad clamps, and (looks like occasional darker sepate dermatocystidia but these maybe Lasiosphaeria spores!). 4-spored, spores weakly amyloid, cylindrical 8 x 4um. Gills decurrent/emarginate, not forked but with lamellulae, no cheilocystidia. Singer: neoclitocybe in singer's tribus collybiae (inamyloid), pseudoclitocybe in leucopaxillae (amyloid, clamped). Trama here parallel. This comes to Singer's Clitocybula in leucopaxillae (which Egon has in inamyloid section of his key)89839
Coccomyces limitatus2006/0464Denniston Walkway 89054
Collopus epipterygius2006/0573Denniston Track  
Collopus subviscosus2006/1181Charming Creek Walkway  
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]only on dead standing ferns. Brown. Taste mild. Stem minutely scurfy with caulocystidia, base with brown hairs at base. Clamped, caulocystidia thick walled, cap hyphae with zebra encrustation and strongly diverticulate (dextrinoid?), cap structure mixed, 4-spored ellipsoid 6-7x3um, with bubbles, inamyloid (or very weakly amyloid), gill edge sterile and with interwoven long diverticulate cystidia, occasional diverticulate pleurocystidia. Gills drying pink, adnate, but pulling away from stem. Agrees macroscopically with C. drucei but the cap cuticle and cheilocystidia leave doubt.87100
Collybia incarnata2006/0475
Perseverence Road[JAC]stem smooth but pubescent towards base (and has caulocystidia at top when look carefully), 4-spored, cap a cutis with occasinal outgrowths, not gelatinised, with extra-cuticular pigment (hayline), unclamped. With thin walled irregular cheilocystidia, pleurocystidia occasional, gill tissue and spores inamyloid 8.5 x 4um. Similar to 9400, 9353, 9148. Somebody needs to check the distinctive cheilocystidia to see if they are present on type.87215
Collybia rimutaka2006/1457
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]small and grouped. Stem definitely smooth, not hairy at base. Stem hypahe clamped, with sparse caulocystidia, tisue not or weakly dextrinoid. No pleurocystidia, with flexuose irregular cheilocystidia, spores 6.5-7 x 3um. Watch out for the fasciculate nature of this.87097
Coltricia cinnamomea2006/0953Oparara Gorge, Karamea 88910
Conchomyces bursiformis2006/0643Charming Creek Walkway  
Conchomyces bursiformis2006/1081
Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki 89877
Conchomyces bursiformis2006/1464
Nile River[JAC]with gelatinous peelable layer on cap. Taste mild (or maybe sour?).. Spores globose, spinose. This is the real Conchomyces.87109
Nile River[JAC]looks like a comatus with scurfy removeable cap elements. Veilar remanants on 2. Browning, no central cord. Grey veilar remnants filementous, cap cells elongate, no sphaerocysts or setules, no ring remnants anywhere, stem base with tomentum, spores 10.5x6.5, germ pore central. Seems to have small amyloid components in gill edge? Close to atramentarius.87117
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]without veil, spherical cells and setulae on cap, germ pore 1.5um, central, 9x7um.87083
Coprinus comatus2006/0344Caltex service station, Westport 89037
Coprinus disseminatus2006/1686Murray Creek Track (Reefton)  
Cortinarius2006/0023Charming Creek Walkway  
Cortinarius2006/0115Tiropahi Creek Track, Charlestonsect. Purpurascentes 
Cortinarius2006/0126Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston= Cuphocybe 
Cortinarius2006/0129Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Cortinarius2006/0157Murray Creek Track, Reeftonined., Karl to deposit in PDD 
Cortinarius2006/0257Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea  
Cortinarius2006/0286Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea= Myxacium 
cortinarius2006/0603Lewis Pass, 1km east of Maruia Springs[jac] Ian had as 'Agrocybe'. Cap not cellular, spores rough, no cystidia, KOH -ve. Cortinarius.89868
Cortinarius2006/0604Karamea River Walkined. [conspecific with PDD 88285] 
Cortinarius2006/0609Lewis Pass, Falls Trail, east of Springs Junction[jac] cap with cream patches of filamentous veil. Spores finely punctate 10 x 5um. Cap black in KOH. Gills without blue color. Soop keys to caryotis but not convinced.89862
Cortinarius2006/0854Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89021
Cortinarius2006/0856Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 88966
Cortinarius2006/0859Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 88986
Cortinarius2006/0872Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89071
Cortinarius2006/0886Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89070
Cortinarius achrous2006/0864Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89101
Cortinarius alboaggregatus2006/1067Murray Creek Track, Reeftonspecies should be checked [Karl Soop]88885
Cortinarius alboroseus2006/0288Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea 88975
Cortinarius alboroseus2006/0885Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 88969
Cortinarius anomalus2006/0130Tiropahi Creek Track, Charlestonaff. Anomalus 
Cortinarius aurantioferreus2006/0814Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea  
Cortinarius austrocyanites2006/0073Lyell Walkway 88979
Cortinarius cardinalis2006/1176Charming Creek Walkway, Seddonville end 88971
Cortinarius caryotis2006/0641Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Cortinarius castoreus2006/0034Charming Creek Walkway 89848
Cortinarius castoreus2006/0601Karamea River Walk 88963
Cortinarius chalybeus2006/0027Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea  
Cortinarius chalybeus2006/1053Murray Creek Track, Reefton 88920
Cortinarius collybianus2006/0420Lake Hanlon 89840
Cortinarius cucumeris2006/0633Golden Fleece Battery, Reefton 88882
Cortinarius cupreonatus2006/0277Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea 89027
Cortinarius cycneus2006/0140Moria Gate Track, Oparara Basin, Karamea 88889
Cortinarius cycneus2006/0444Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea  
Cortinarius cycneus2006/0954Box Canyon, Oparara, Karamea 88872
Cortinarius cycneus2006/1051Murray Creek Track, Reefton 88929
Cortinarius dulciolens2006/0109Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Cortinarius dulciolens2006/0388Charming Creek Walkway  
Cortinarius ignellus2006/0269Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea  
Cortinarius ionomataius2006/0858Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89089
Cortinarius laquellus2006/0278Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea 89002
Cortinarius laquellus2006/0600Karamea River Walk 89097
Cortinarius laquellus2006/0821Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea 89013
Cortinarius laquellus2006/1672Fenian Caves Walk (Oparara)  
Cortinarius mariae2006/1084Golden Fleece Battery, Reefton 88897
Cortinarius meleagris2006/0607Karamea River Walk  
Cortinarius meleagris2006/0850Lyell Walkway 88973
Cortinarius paraoniti2006/0280Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karameained.89014
Cortinarius peraurantiacus2006/0123Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Cortinarius peraurantiacus2006/0133Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Cortinarius peraureus2006/0272Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea 89000
Cortinarius peraureus2006/0855Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 88972
Cortinarius peraureus2006/1056Murray Creek Track, Reefton 88873
Cortinarius perelegans2006/1065Murray Creek Track, Reeftonatypical, to be verified88930
Cortinarius pholiotellus2006/0884Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89018
Cortinarius porphyroideus2006/0411Charming Creek Walkwayvery short stipe 
Cortinarius porphyroideus2006/0589Charming Creek Walkway, Seddonville end  
Cortinarius porphyroideus2006/0592Moria Gate Track, Oparara Basin, Karamea  
Cortinarius porphyroideus2006/0848Lyell Walkway  
Cortinarius porphyroideus2006/0880Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89094
Cortinarius porphyroideus2006/0959track to Crazy Paving Cave, Oparara, Karamea 88931
Cortinarius rhipiduranus2006/0119Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Cortinarius rhipiduranus2006/0127Tiropahi Creek Track, Charlestonaff. Rhipiduranus 
Cortinarius rhipiduranus2006/1183Murray Creek Track, Reeftonined.89036
Cortinarius rhipiduranus2006/1682Murray Creek Track (Reefton)  
Cortinarius rotundisporus2006/0059Lake Hanlon 89076
Cortinarius rotundisporus2006/0121Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Cortinarius rotundisporus2006/0139Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Cortinarius rotundisporus2006/1080Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Cortinarius rotundisporus2006/1662Inland Pack Track/Pororari River Track junction  
Cortinarius singularis2006/0448Waimangaroa  
Cortinarius subgemmeus2006/1059Murray Creek Track, Reefton 88877
Cortinarius suecicolor2006/0598Karamea River Walkaff. Suecicolor89072
Cortinarius suecicolor2006/1226Bullock Creek Track, Punakaikicf. Suecicolor 
Cortinarius veronicae2006/1021Tiropahi Creek Track, Charlestoncf. veronicae, to be verified [Karl Soop] 
Cortinarius veronicae2006/1178Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki 89033
Cortinarius violaceus2006/0077N end of Tiropahi Tramway 88995
Cortinarius xenosma2006/0137Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Craterium minutum2006/1487Pororari River Gorge[JAC]87059
Crepidotus2006/0394Charming Creek Walkway  
Perseverence Road[JAC]cap finely tomentose and strongly so at point of attachment. Spores limoniform 9.5 x 5, pale to tan, echinulate but uneven coverage, 4-spored, tissue clamped, cap hypahe somewhat circinate. Doesn't match any of Sinn-Irelt's species.87213
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]hairy cap, hairs circinate, spores brown, broadly ellipsoid to limoniform, 7x5um, spinulose. Dried gills show distinct strongly fimbriate edge (due to cheilocystidia).87070
Nile River[JAC]has hairy cap, but hairs not circinate, instead random texture, clamped. Spores broadly ellipsoid, 10 x 6.5, brown, smooth (with rugulose looking content), thick-walled, no pore (or very small?), no cystidia seen. In Sinn-Irelt comes near autochthonous but that with non-tomentose cap and on soil.87119
Crepidotus mollis2006/0348
Heaphy Track, upstream from Kohaihai swing bridge[EH]sensu Massee. [jac] Cap surface smooth and inrolled. Cuticle gelatinised, unclamped, with inflated, septate, terminal elements. With cheilocystidia. Spores 8-9 x 5-6 smooth, thin-walled. Micros images of (a) spores and cheilocystidia, (b) cap surafe cystidia and circinate hyphae. To c. mollis in Senn-Irlet.89841
Crinipellis procera2006/0309Lyell Walkway  
Crocicreas2006/0466Denniston Walkway 89056
Crucibulum laeve2006/0075Pororari River Track  
Crucibulum laeve2006/0082Charming Creek Walkway  
Crucibulum laeve2006/0274Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea 89092
Crucibulum laeve2006/1669Fenian Caves Walk (Oparara)  
Cyclomyces tabacinus2006/0645Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Cystoderma clastotrichum2006/0382Charming Creek Walkway  
Nile River[JAC]white spored. Spores strongly dextrinoid, not spurred, cylindrical 6x3um, cap with tan coloured sphaerocysts easily rubbing off, with clamps. Stem covered in sphaerocysts. Cheilocystidia not present. C. seminuda near but that white, with more obvious veilar remnants on cap edge.87126
Cystolepiota2006/1648Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea  
Dacrymyces tortus2006/1455
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]pale amber jelly capitate. Tuning fork basidia, clamped hyphae, spores allantoid, 1-3-septate, 12-13 x 5-6um, 'dikaryophyses' clamped, occasionally branched. This would be D. capitatus except it is clamped. The spores are somewhat thick-walled, which is characteristic of capitatus and not tortus. For the UK tortus = D. punctiformis with tortus as sensu auct. Current NZ list has both names not in synonymy. A bit pale for D.t. sensu McNabb. See also record for C. lutea which needs checking.87086
Daldinia eschscholzii2006/0952Nile River Walkwaytentative id88928
Dermocybe2006/0974Oparara Gorge, Karamea  
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]Has ochraceous/rusty tomentum at base. Horak 87 mentiones coloured remnants of veil at base - but not coloured hyphae. Scarlet dye dissolving in KOH. Spores are only finely punctate 7x4um . Cap black in KOH, cheilocystidia present. Stipe not fusoid. Doesn't key in Horak 87 (i.e. not to purpurate, vinicolor, cramesina). Looks like vinicolor except KOH positive and spores finely punctate.87092
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC] Spores 7 x 8 echinate. Collected this as a Melonophyllum but it doesn't have globose cells, doesn't dry black and has subglobose spores. A dermocybe? Has oleiferous hyphae in trama - purplish in lactophenol.87105
Dermocybe alienata2006/0865Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89073
Dermocybe alienata2006/1203Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki 88903
Dermocybe canaria2006/0590Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea 89057
Dermocybe canaria2006/1177Murray Creek Track, Reefton 88999
Dermocybe cardinalis2006/0504Denniston Walkway 89064
Dermocybe castaneodisca2006/1068Murray Creek Track, Reefton 88912
Dermocybe indotata2006/0282Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea 89031
Dermocybe indotata2006/0436Waimangaroa  
Dermocybe vinacaecolor2006/0413Lake Hanlon 89061
Dermocybe vinicolor2006/0131Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Dermocybe vinicolor2006/0594Charming Creek Walkway, Seddonville end 88981
Descolea2006/0862Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 88956
Descolea gunnii2006/0175Banbury Cross Bridle Track, Denniston 89065
Descolea gunnii2006/0483
Perseverence Road[JAC]Cap cuticle cellular, clapmed, spores 9-11x6um rough. Upper surface of ring brown from spores but otherwise white (unlike Soop & Horak's description).87242
Descolea majestatica2006/0384Punakaiki "Inland Track" 89081
Descolea phlebophora2006/0166Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea  
Descolea phlebophora2006/0613Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea  
Descolea phlebophora2006/0947Box Canyon, Oparara, Karamea  
Details not captured2006/0458   
Details not captured2006/0477   
Details not captured2006/0518   
Details not captured2006/0605   
Details not captured2006/0616   
Details not captured2006/1468   
Discinella terrestris2006/0255Banbury Cross Bridle Track, Denniston  
Discinella terrestris2006/0396Punakaiki "Inland Track" 89062
Discinella terrestris2006/0412Lake Hanlon  
Endophragmia boewei2006/1616Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]#10, hyphae dark red-brown, dark in reverse, not sporulating. To ICMP 26/9/2006.87207
Entoloma2006/0358Charming Creek Walkway  
Entoloma2006/1032Pororari River Track, near Inland Pack Track junct"black" pileus, dark blue gills; doesn't key out [Shirley Kerr] 
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]blue stem. Cap convex, spores multi-angled (>5), 7x6um gill edge fimbriate with cylidrical cheilocystidia. Doesn't key out in new manuscript, nearest is uliginicola but that with fibrillose zonate cap and without cheilocystidia, pumilum looks similar but again that without cheilocystidia.87093
Entoloma atrellum2006/0017Charming Creek Walkway  
Entoloma atrellum2006/0365Pororari River Track 88996
Entoloma canoconicum2006/0102Truman Walk, Punakaiki  
Entoloma chloroxanthum2006/0428Lake Hanlon  
Entoloma convexum2006/1197Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Entoloma farinolens2006/0016Denniston Track  
Entoloma farinolens2006/0407Lake Hanlon 89066
Entoloma hochstetteri2006/0051Lake Hanlon  
Entoloma hochstetteri2006/0094Truman Walk, Punakaiki  
Entoloma hochstetteri2006/0152Tiropahi Tramway, Charleston 88919
Entoloma hochstetteri2006/0249Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea  
Entoloma hochstetteri2006/0473Charming Creek Walkway  
Entoloma hochstetteri2006/1020Pororari River Track, near Inland Pack Track junct  
Entoloma hochstetteri2006/1645Nile River Walkway  
Entoloma hochstetteri2006/1689Lake Kaniere (Hohitika)  
Entoloma perzonatum2006/0401Lake Hanlon  
Entoloma perzonatum2006/0566Nikau Loop Track, Karamea 88983
Entoloma procerum2006/0022Denniston Track  
Entoloma procerum2006/0062Charming Creek Walkway 89080
Entoloma translucidum2006/0254Denniston Trackcf. Translucidum 
Entoloma viridomarginatum2006/0399Charming Creek Walkway?var. milfordense89007
Entoloma viridomarginatum2006/0811Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea 89011
Entoloma viridomarginatum2006/1055Box Canyon, Oparara, Karamea 88923
Entoloma viridomarginatum2006/1469Charming Creek Walkway  
Farysporium endotrichum2006/0107Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Farysporium endotrichum2006/0497Denniston Walkway  
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]material badly dried - discarded. F. (autsro)cyathea? 
Favolaschia calocera2006/0514Charming Creek Walkway  
Favolaschia calocera2006/1657Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea  
Fomes hemitephrus2006/0291Charming Creek Walkway  
Fomes hemitephrus2006/0596Karamea River Walk  
Fomes hemitephrus2006/0631Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Fomes hemitephrus2006/0841Denniston Walkway 89078
Fomes hemitephrus2006/0972Nile River Walkwaytentative id 
Fomes hemitephrus2006/0992Inland Pack Track, Pororari River crossing  
Fomes hemitephrus2006/1643Nile River Walkway  
Fusarium tumidum2006/0072road to Denniston  
Galerina austrocalyptrata2006/1504
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]Spores calyptrate not rough, no pore 8 x 5um 4-spored. Caulocystidia lageniform. Pleurocystidia absent, no veil. Smith to fallax/austrocalyptrata. In latter cheilocystidia are fulvous towards base, more slender and gills olivaceous. Some evidence that a pigmented layer in gills exists. Identification tentative but reasonable. BFF to subcerina (Oz phylogeny places close to spagnorum/paludosa) but that described with capitate cheilocystidia apex. Wood to muscolignosa but that with finely verrucose spores (and seems really too close to austrocalyptratat for distinction - can't agree with comment that cystidia are different shape). So muscolignosa/austrocalyptrata and latter has priority. New to NZ.87089
Galerina patagonica2006/0253Lake Hanlon  
Galerina patagonica2006/0355Heaphy Track, upstream from Kohaihai swing bridge 89096
Galerina patagonica2006/0438Heaphy Track, Kohaihai River  
Galerina patagonica2006/0586Rimu Track, Big Tree, Karamea  
Galerina patagonica2006/1174Charming Creek Walkway  
Galerina patagonica2006/1199Pororari River Walk, Punakaiki  
Gallacea violacea2006/1061Andrews Track, near Arthurs Passid confirmed by RE Beever 17/05/0688871
Ganoderma2006/1658Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea  
Ganoderma australe2006/1668Fenian Caves Walk (Oparara)  
Ganoderma cf. applanata2006/0986Nile River Walkway  
Gleoglossum cookeanum2006/1481Charming Creek Walkway 88884
Gliophorus chromolimoneus2006/0256Banbury Cross Bridle Track, Denniston 88991
Gliophorus chromolimoneus2006/0617Charming Creek Walkway 89010
Gliophorus chromolimoneus2006/1188Murray Creek Track, Reefton 89856
Gliophorus chromolimoneus2006/1681Murray Creek Track (Reefton)  
Gliophorus graminicolor2006/0386
Charming Creek Walkway 88988
Gliophorus graminicolor2006/0446Charming Creek Walkway  
Gliophorus graminicolor2006/1048Croesus Track, Blackball  
Gliophorus lilacipes2006/0419Charming Creek Walkway 88990
Gliophorus lilacipes2006/0430Lake Hanlon 89846
Gliophorus lilacipes2006/0565Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea 89019
Gliophorus lilacipes2006/0581Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea  
Gliophorus lilacipes2006/1043Croesus Track, Blackball  
Gliophorus lilacipes2006/1179Charming Creek Walkway  
Gliophorus pallidus2006/0070Bridle Track, Denniston 88987
Gliophorus viridis2006/0064Banbury Cross Bridle Track, Denniston 89860
Gliophorus viridis2006/0943Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea  
Gloeoporus phlebophorus2006/0128Moria Gate Track, Oparara Basin, Karamea  
Gloeoporus phlebophorus2006/1077Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki 88893
Gloiocephala nothofagi2006/1637Lake Hanlon  
Gloiocephala nothofagi2006/2004
Perseverence Road[JAC]stem not gelatinous, entirely pruinose and to 8cm long. Cap drying dark red-brown and looking like coated in layer of resin. Cap has papilla but that not dark. No obvious rhizomorphs with v-shaped nodes. With lamellae. Has obvious Gloiocephala-like cystidia (but not on cap). Spores 8 x 3.5. Exuding brown oily droplets into melzers.87222
Grifola2006/0018Charming Creek Walkway= Hood fig. 8489016
Gymnopilus2006/0263Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea  
Gymnopilus crociphyllus2006/0053Nile River Walkway  
Gymnopilus ferruginosus2006/0096Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Gymnopilus ferruginosus2006/0239bottom Bridle Track, Denniston  
Gymnopilus ferruginosus2006/1220
Bullock Creek Track, PunakaikiGymnopilus usually lacking plage and this has distinct plage. Cuticle an ixocutis, superficially strigose with inflated cells and extracellular zebra-stripe encrustation. Gills adnate. Spores with plage and no pore 8 x 7um. With cheilocystidia lecithiform (yellow even in lactic acid), cap tisue black in KOH. No obvious veil. Spores dextrinoid darkening. Micro photo by JAC89864
Gymnopilus junonius2006/0375Westport Beach  
Hebeloma2006/0988Nile River Walkway 88916
Hebeloma mediorufum2006/0583Charming Creek Walkway, Seddonville endto Bettye Rees89095
Helicodendron tubulosum2006/1635Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]colony dark in reverse with age, semi-micronematous, hyaline, not strongly catenate, constricted at septa, 6-septa per turn, 20um diam, filament 3um. coiling anticlockwise, 6-9 coils, loosely coiled. Id sensu Linder. This same as 9635 but necessarily same as other I've tagged with this name which have thicker filaments and fewer septa. To ICMP 26/9/2006.87167
Helicodendron websteri2006/1614Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]#9 Not checked but same as other collections from this material. Culture black in reverse Mature conidia white in mass. To ICMP 26/9/2006. 
Helicodendron websteri2006/1627Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]#7, conidia white, colony dark in reverse. Same as 10111? Brown hyphae rough. Sporulating in a tuft on aerial hyphae.87205
Helicodendron websteri2006/1628Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]#5 ,colony dark in reverse, conidia white in mass, macronematous, weekly catenate. Conidia not darkening with age. Conidiophore pale (then brown), 4-7 coils, shape cylindrical, coil fragments disarticulating, conidia 15um diam, 20um long, anticlockwise coiling, filament 3um, 4 septa per turn. Close to websteri/fuscum but conidia paler than either. ID tentative.87203
Helicodendron websteri2006/1631
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]#3, dark in reverse, long chained. to coils. Forming Chlamydospores in culture. Conidia 15um diam. 20um long. filament 3.5um, anticlockwise, constricted at septa, hyphae rough, 3 septa per turn. The presence of chlamydospores makes this unlikely to be websteri sensu stricto. H. cumbriense does have chlamydospores but is otherwise different.This is clearly same as other collectiond from same site but it seems that not all cultures have chlamydospores? Material with 10108. To ICMP 4/9/06 
Helicoon2006/1626Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]#10, dark in reverse, sporulating poorly. In culture: macronematous, conidia brown, 15um diam, filament 5um, 4 coils, 3 septa per turn, clockwise, not swollen at septa, conidiophore not branched, no chlamydopores. Nearest to myosuroides/chlamydosporum but former bigger and with more septa. Suspect morphology is different in culture. 
Helicoön2006/1633Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]#2. Dark colony. Not sporulating. 
Helicoon aff. maiorcensis2006/1629
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]#1, dark in reverse, not annotated as helicoon. Culture: semimicronematous, 30-40um diam, filament 6um diam, 12 septa per turn, not constricted, 3 turns, 15 um long. Keys to pluriseptatum and differs from aff. maiorcensis on conidia length (maybe culture artifact). On leaf is 30um long so would say is aff. maiorcensis. Original material on Dacrydium87202
Helminthosporium velutinum2006/2002
Nile River[JAC]Toni's photos 6282-6287. Colony densely velvet.87243
Perseverence Road[JAC]spores inamyloid 8 x 4um , cap surface with diverticulae and occasional lageniform pilocystidia.87226
Hispidula rubra2006/0462Denniston Walkway 89053
Hohenbuehelia petalodes2006/0874
Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction[jac] With metuloid cystidia and a second type of cheilocystidia with contricted neck, and pointed brown pilocystidia as seen is PDD80816. Spores 6-7 x 5um, inamyloid. Micrographs show (b) cap cystidia and pleurocystidium, (c) metuloid and secondary cheilocystidia.89835
Humidicutis pura2006/0014Denniston Track 89837
Humidicutis pura2006/0144Moria Gate Track, Oparara Basin, Karamea  
Hydnum crocidens2006/0101Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston 88907
Hydnum crocidens var. crocidens2006/0238Charming Creek Walkway  
Hydropus2006/1149Charming Creek WalkwayMycena [G. Gates] 
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]whitish pink. Has naptha smell (possibly), attached to roots. Spores inamyloid, amygdaliform 6.5x4um, trama irregular, with plentiful pleurocystidia, and pileus covering of spherical cells. Camarophyllus? - but with cystidia?87064
Hygrocybe2006/0949Box Canyon/Crazy Paving caves, Oparara, Karamea  
Hygrocybe2006/0964Oparara Gorge, Karamea  
Hygrocybe blanda2006/0498Denniston Walkway  
Hygrocybe blanda2006/1193Charming Creek Walkway  
Hygrocybe cantharellus2006/1035Croesus Track, Blackball  
Hygrocybe cantharellus2006/1225Denniston Track 88958
Hygrocybe cantharellus2006/1230Charming Creek Walkway  
Hygrocybe cerinolutea2006/0313Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea 89004
Hygrocybe cerinolutea2006/1461
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]yellow. gills decurrent, cap sticky, spores esily distinguish from H. juletiae87104
Hygrocybe firma2006/0108Truman Walk, Punakaiki  
Hygrocybe firma2006/0178Denniston  
Hygrocybe firma2006/0395Punakaiki "Inland Track" 88994
Hygrocybe firma2006/0405Charming Creek Walkway  
Hygrocybe firma2006/0416Lake Hanlon  
Hygrocybe firma2006/0425Charming Creek Walkway 89843
Hygrocybe firma2006/0439Charming Creek Walkway  
Hygrocybe firma2006/0614Denniston Walkway 89093
Hygrocybe firma2006/0623Rimu Track, Big Tree, Karamea  
Hygrocybe firma2006/0661Waimangaroa  
Hygrocybe firma2006/0990Nile River Walkway 88914
Hygrocybe firma2006/1044Croesus Track, Blackball  
Hygrocybe firma2006/1046Croesus Track, Blackball  
Hygrocybe firma2006/1216Pororari Walk, Bullock Creek  
Hygrocybe firma2006/1221Nile River Walkway  
Hygrocybe firma2006/1447
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]red87103
Hygrocybe julietae2006/0873Charming Creek Walkway 89003
Hygrocybe julietae2006/0888Nile River Walkway  
Hygrocybe julietae2006/1017Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Hygrocybe miniata2006/0112Truman Walk, Punakaiki  
Hygrocybe rubrocarnosa2006/0629Rimu Track, Big Tree, Karamea 89012
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]yellow, small, with pimple, strong earthy small. Cap a cutis, spores 5 x 3.5um, inamyloid, tissue not clamped, trama regular with segments about 25um long. Nothing in Horak or Young. Perhaps close to seggregatus?87071
Hygrophorus involutus2006/0844Big Rimu Track 88967
Hygrophorus involutus2006/1492
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]snow white, sticky, with yellowish spots and quite a few specimens. Gills subdecuurent. Cap an ixocutis with broad clamps. Trama with some divergent elements. Probably var. alba? Drying apricot colour.87078
Hygrophorus salmonipes2006/0106Pororari River Track 88874
Hygrophorus salmonipes2006/1495
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]Yellow, largish, with pinkish stem. Basidia 60x7 with long sterigma, mostly 2 spored, some 3,4, size 9-11 x 5um but variable (due to differences in sterigma number). Cap a cutis with extra-cellular pigment. Gills drying gery/lilac. If not salmonipes then certainly same as 962487068
Hypholoma brunnea2006/1673Fenian Caves Walk (Oparara)  
Hypholoma brunneum2006/0321Charming Creek Walkway 89020
Hypholoma brunneum2006/0343Heaphy Track, upstream from Kohaihai swing bridge  
Hypholoma brunneum2006/1172Charming Creek Walkway  
Hypholoma brunneum2006/1646Nile River Walkway  
Hypholoma fasciculare2006/0445Charming Creek Walkway  
Hypholoma fasciculare2006/0485Charming Creek Walkway 89077
Hypholoma fasciculare2006/0580Rimu Track, Big Tree, Karamea  
Hypholoma fasciculare2006/0984Nile River Walkway  
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]Gelatinous sebacina-like. No idea what this is?!87082
Hypocrea2006/0177Bridle Track, Denniston  
Hypocrea2006/0236Pororari River Track  
Hypocrea sulfurella2006/1534
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]spores brown in dried material but look greenish in photo. Distal part spore 5-6um long, most part spores globose 3.5-4um diam.87076
Ileodictyon cibarium2006/1073Carters Beach, Westport  
Inocybe2006/0163Bridle Track, Denniston 89085
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]looking like a small cortinarius or galerina. Cap a cutis, clamped but not obvious, encrusted, cheilocystidia and pleurocytsidia metuloid, spores smooth, amydaliform 8.5 x 5um. Clearly close to I. mendica but that with hemispherical cap and no umbo, and cystidia less ventricose.87091
Inocybe destruens2006/1076Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Inocybe luteobulbosa var. luteobulbosa2006/1439
Nile River[JAC]Dried gills sienna, stem base yellowish, expanded - hyphae binding substrate so not sure if bulb. With obvious pleurocystidia under dissecting scope. Pleurocystdia metuloid, spores smooth 8x5um. Comes to luteobulbosa, but perhaps a bit young. Cap a cutis with extracellular pigment.87123
Inocybe rimosa2006/1006Nile River Walkway 88922
Isaria tenuipes2006/1157Charming Creek Walkway  
Isaria tenuipes2006/1166Charming Creek Walkway  
Laccaria fibrillosa2006/0852Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89029
Laccaria fibrillosa2006/0967Inland Pack Track/Pororari River Track junction 88913
Laccaria fibrillosa2006/1049Croesus Track, Blackball 88898
Laccaria glabripes2006/0846Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89015
Laccaria glabripes2006/0887
Perseverence Road[JAC]4-spored, globose 7-8um excluding conical spines to 2um. stipe glabrous, cap pellucid striate.87211
Laccaria glabripes2006/0961Pororari River Track, near Inland Pack Track junct 88924
Laccaria lilacina2006/0849Croesus Track Road, c. 1 km from Blackball 88883
Laccaria masoniae var. brevispinosa2006/0840Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 88952
Laccaria proxima2006/0646Nile River Walkway 88900
Laccaria violaceonigra2006/0008
Perseverence Road[JAC]87210
Lachnellula rhopalostylidis2006/0455
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]urn shaped & white, photo on 2. Hairs obtuse, multi-septate, no subiculum, ectal excipulum hyaline, of agglutinated hyphae (not prismatic cells). Therefore Lachenllula and not Lachnum. See also Lachnum palmae - suspect some records of that are actually this? Spores 70-100 x 3um, 1-septate.87058
Lacrymaria lacrymabunda2006/0634Nile River Walkway 88890
Lactarius2006/0410Punakaiki "Inland Track" 89083
Lactarius clarkeae var. clarkeae2006/0356Lake Hanlon 89075
Lactarius clarkeae var. clarkeae2006/0387Punakaiki "Inland Track" 88985
Lactarius clarkeae var. clarkeae2006/0639Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Lactarius sepiaceus2006/0878Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89026
Lactarius umerensis2006/1016Pororari River Track, near Inland Pack Track junct 88888
Lactarius umerensis2006/1431
Nile River[JAC]brown, same as yesterday on tree fern stem but this on Blechnum stems. Nothofagus nearby. Stem eccentric.87129
Lactarius umerensis2006/1454
Nile River[JAC]milk white, taste mild87122
Leotia lubrica2006/0125Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Leotia lubrica2006/0418Lake Hanlon 89067
Leotia lubrica2006/0474Perseverence Road[JAC]87209
Leotia lubrica2006/0882Nile River Walkway  
Leotia lubrica2006/0883Croesus Track Road, c. 1 km from Blackball 88881
Leotia lubrica2006/1024Pororari River Track, near Inland Pack Track junct  
Leotia lubrica2006/1683Murray Creek Track (Reefton)  
Lepiota2006/0433Charming Creek Walkway  
Lepiota2006/0960Box Canyon 88909
Nile River[JAC]gills drying pinkish with strongly encrusted edge. Ring present, felty, single. 4-spored, spores strongly dextrinoid, no pore, 6 x 3.5, cylindrical, cheilocystidia thin-walled, plentiful, 12 x 50um, cylindrical. Cap surface irregular (trichoderm?), clamps not seen (and thoroughly searched squash of cap tissue), veil similar to cap surface but with broader elements. Lack of clamps for Vellinga in FAN places this in Leucoagaricus rather than Lepiota. (spores like FAN78c rather than d) FAN comes near sericifer. See also FUNNZ 2006-079987118
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]bleaching leaves and very delicate. Cap a cutis, clamped, mature spores dextrinoid 4-spored, 7.5 x 3, dextrinoid colouration not filling entire spore & collapsing at one end? Looks like a cystolepiota but no spherical veilar remnants. Cap brown/red in KOH. If pleurocystidia present then like cheilocystidia (but for Velinga if present then Chamaemyces).87095
Lepiota purpurata2006/1451
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]Not collected as a Lepiota - and an unlikley looking one. Gills free, spores hyaline, dextrinoid when mature, bullet shaped cap tissue dextrinoid 6 x 4 (but also non dextrinoid spores 9 x 4 present?), clamped, a cutis, with extra-cellular pigment, frutibody not noticebly darkening on drying, Not many records of this.87094
Oparara Arch Walk, Karameaspores without pore, strongly dextrinoid, cap a loose cutis, unclamped (and so Leucoagaricus not Lepiota as recorded), veil filamentous cheilocystidia plentiful. This similar to JAC10019 except spores larger here at 8 x 4um89878
Lichenomphalia2006/0402Charming Creek Walkway  
Lycoperdon perlatum2006/0035Charming Creek Walkwaysensu G. Cunn. 
Lycoperdon perlatum2006/1195Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karameasensu G. Cunn.89032
Lycoperdon perlatum2006/1667Fenian Caves Walk (Oparara)  
Macowanites carmineus2006/0011Punakaiki "Inland Track"  
Macowanites carmineus2006/0103Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Macowanites carmineus2006/0270Bridle Track, Denniston  
Macowanites carmineus2006/0289Denniston Track  
Macowanites carmineus2006/0307Charming Creek Walkway  
Macowanites carmineus2006/0585Charming Creek Walkway, Seddonville end 88962
Macowanites carmineus2006/0965Inland Pack Track, Pororari River crossing 88895
Macowanites carmineus2006/1186Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Macowanites carmineus2006/1218Denniston Track  
Pororari River Track, near Inland Pack Track junct[jac] Stem with caulocystidia at top and brown felty towards base. Not amyloid, basidial layer weakly dextrinoid, cap a trichoderm (partially gelatinised?), not a hymeniderm, 4-spored cylindrical 9 x 4um, stem tissue dextrinoid, with caulocystidia, clamped, with cheilocystidia thin walled and large and discontinuous, spores cyanophilic, cap hyphae metachromatic. Not a marasmius as without hymeniderm peelis. Without diverticulate elements, stipe pseudoinsititious (attached by small pad). File under Marasmiellus but really a small Gymnopus? Micrograph shows caulocystidia, spores, basdium and cheilocystidium.89844
Marasmius2006/0980Nile River Walkway 88892
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]with yellow stem. Marasmius? Stem with caulocystidia. Cap looks powdery. 2-spored(?) and 4-spored, spores amyloid cylindrical 9x3.5um , with diverticulate pilocystidia, with lageniform furcate cheilocystidia, tissue clamped,87067
Marasmius2006/2000Pororari River Track, near Inland Pack Track junct[jac] FUNNZ number assigned by me 
Marasmius gelatinosipes2006/0453Oparara, Karamea 88926
Marasmius gelatinosipes2006/1573
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]compared to 10016 the cap dries felty grey rather than cream/pink (and collections here on different substrata). Subcuticular tissue is dextrinoid and less geatinised than 10016. Cap hyphae with infrequent extracellular brown pigment, clamped, spores 7 x 4um (smaller than 10016). Are these differences consistent between those collections of 'gelatinosipes' with and without stem slime.87088
Marasmius gelatinosipes2006/1593
Nile River[JAC]Microscopically identical to 10026. Spores 9.5x4.5um87115
Marasmius gelatinosipes2006/1611
Nile River[JAC]Looks like a larger, shorter version of gelatinosipes without gelatinous covering to stipe (but maybe just dry). Stipe with caulocystidia at apex. Cap partially gelatinised, a cutis with a terminal layer of globose(ish) brown cells finely diverticulate on upper surface (broom, not ramealis). Subhymenium with zebra encrustation. Spores inamyloid 8-10x4.5um , amygdaliform. No cheilo/pleurocystidia. Spores a bit large for this?87125
Marasmius rhopalostylidis2006/1516
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]cap drying brown felty and nutant. Starting as a globose primordium erumpent through the leaf tisue - like Physalacria. Spores 12-13x6um, 4-spored. would say this has siccus rather than rotalis structure.87065
Melanophyllum echinatum2006/0875
Perseverence Road[JAC]87236
Moellerodiscus microcoprosmae2006/0314Denniston Walkway  
Morganella compacta2006/0650Lake Hanlon  
Morganella compacta2006/0807Heaphy Track, Kohaihai River  
Morganella pyriformis2006/0838Charming Creek Walkway  
Murray Creek Track, Reefton[jac] With very large, thick-walled pleuro and cheilocystidia ventrocose, 75x12um. With darkly dextrinoid mid trama in gill and cap. Spores amyloid subglobose 8x6um. Gills ascending. Fruitbody infected by Calcarispora.89865
Perseverence Road[JAC]with colourless fluid from broken stem. Spores amyloid, cheilocystidia broom cells 10um diam. with fingers to 10um, cap and trama dextrinoid, surface ornamentation hard to see but fine thin diverticulae present, lageniform flexuouse pilocystidia, basidia subglobose, 2 & 4 -spored 9x4 & 7x4um. Filipedes. Same as 960487228
Mycena2006/0802Charming Creek Walkway  
Mycena2006/1145Charming Creek Walkway  
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]galericulata like and with yellowish tinges to gills. Gill tissue strongly dextrinoid, cap tissue of dextrinoid thin-walled inflated cells, cheilocystidia globose and ornamented, cap hyphae not ornamented, not gelatinised, no pleurocystidia, spores inamyloid (or weakly amyloid), ellipsoid 10-12x5um. Base burried in wood, strigose. possibly 2-spored but hard to observe. Spores with bubbles in erythrosin (an importanct character for Grgurinovic). If I'd seen ornamented cap hyphae and spores more amyloid then this would fit exactly with Mycena austrofilopes.87106
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]with really white decurrent gills and long stem, radial strigose hairs at base. Cap &gill tissue strongly dextrinoid, not gelatinised. 4-spored, spores amyloid, cylindrical 10x5-6um , cap with broad dextrinoid cells and surface layer finely diverticulate, lageniform/clavate pleurocystidia, diverticulate cheilocystidia.87077
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]dried cap appearing felty, fruitbody not blackening on drying, gill attachement sinuate to subdecurrent. Stem tissue dextrinoid, spores amyloid 7x4 cylindrical but very variable in shape (some pyramidal!), 4-spored, clamps not seen. Cap cells broad and subepidermis cells thick walled (looks like dimitic hyphaei gelatinised cutis but actually broad cells with odd walls), pigment plasmatic. Not really sure what genus to place this in? The usual suspects like Hydropus.87080
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]arising from basal disk. See also10056, 9957. Material scant. Stem tissue dextrinoid, spores amyloid, with bubble, 7x4um, cap with broom cells. Clamps not seen.87060
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC] Thin long stem, to 4cm.Attached with hairs. With very obvious pleurocystidia. Cap drying tan. With strongly dextrinoid cap and trama. Cap with broad celled cutis and surface ornamentation. Spores strongly amyloid, cylindrical 9x4um. Pleurocystidia very large, thick walled at base and thin walled at apex. Exuding yellow oily drops into melzers. With oleiiferous hyphae in cap. Cystidia 70x10um. Would be close to M. tallangatensis except that with pronounced cap surface ornamentation.87085
Nile River[JAC]small, white with slimy stem. Attached to leaf with small fringe of white hairs. Cap with broom cells,cheilo cystidia of two types, 4-spored, amyloid, 9.5x4um. Not autrororida just in basis of spores. Pic with broom cells on cap was a primordium - and maybe a different sp? What does Horak's M. lamprospora from New caledonia look like? Not Grgurinovic's yirukensis as that with cheilocystidia of one type and different colour (otherwise close).87110
Nile River[JAC]white, tan striate, with long shiny stem to 3cm. Identical to 9411. This has identical white basal tomentum - arising from a basal disk. All fruitbodies emerging from node scars on twig. Cap tisue strongly dextrinoid, with gelatinised surface layer and that with diverticulate elements. 4-spored, spores amyloid, 8x4.5. Gill edge with clear sterile area, cheilocystidia finely diverticulate (like cap), pleurocystidia absent. Comes out close to the N. hemisphere M. lohwagii in section polyadelphia.87111
Nile River[JAC]drying yellow, attached to substrate by small patch of radial fibrils. Stem with caulocystidia, some globose mixed with lageniform, not dextrinoid. Spores only very weakly amyloid, 4-spored, cylindrical 9x4um, material looks like its glued together in clumps, cap tissue partially gelatinised, stipe not gelatinised.87127
Mycena2006/1619Nile River[JAC]specimen missing 
Mycena2006/1625Nile River[JAC]close to last except without slime and with decurrent crusty gills, photo on 2 
Mycena austrororida2006/0132Chasm Creek Walkway  
Mycena austrororida2006/0441Charming Creek Walkway  
Mycena carmeliana2006/1463
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]white with yellow basal disk. Stem with caulocystidia, dextrinoid, clamps not seen. 'Buttons' without granular surface (sacchariferae). Spores amyloid, broadly ellipsoid 7x5um (and bigger ones 10x6.5), basidia not seen, cap with oloeiiferous hyphae, large spherical dextrinoid subpellis, surface elongate broom cells with diverticulae amyloid. Pretty close match to Grgurinovic's taxon. New record for NZ. See also photograph in Fuhrer.87099
Mycena cystidiosa2006/0484Perseverence Road[JAC]87227
Mycena epipterygia2006/1568
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]smell iodoform? Material scant and poorly preserved. Spores broadly ellipsoid (but not globose), terminal elements of cortical elements strongly diverticulate, hyphae clamped, spores 8-9x4-5 amyloid, cap with globose cells and short outgrowths. Closest to Geestaranus' var. epipterygia. I don't see that Stevenson's M. subviscosa is sufficiently differentiated from epipterygia? Pat's key differentiates on basis of cap colour, but given the acknowldged range of variation in the n. hemisphere varieties this can't be accpeted. The cap cells on this may warrant distintion but that character not mentioned by Stevenson. Nothing in Grgurinovic's section Hygrocyboideae.87084
Mycena epipterygia2006/1687Murray Creek Track (Reefton)  
Mycena interrupta2006/0084Lyell Walkway  
Mycena interrupta2006/1064Croesus Track, Blackball  
Mycena interrupta2006/1075Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Mycena interrupta2006/1674Fenian Caves Walk (Oparara)  
Mycena interrupta2006/1678Murray Creek Track (Reefton)  
Mycena mamaku2006/0432Lake Hanlon  
Mycena mariae2006/1448

Nile River[JAC]red-brown cap & red milk, smell nitrous, red gill edge. Basal hairs brown. 4-spored, amyloid 7-10x4-6 Q=1.8. Cheilocystidia broadly ventricose (to 15um) with pointed apex (just 1 furcate out of many), pleurocystidia with strongly dextrinoid granular content which makes them stand out. M. kuurkacea for Grgurinovic but seems doubtfully distinct from M. mariae, in same way that toyerlaricola is close to ura.87114
Mycena mariae2006/1472
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]red bleeding. Basal hairs dark red brown. Tissue strongly dextrinoid, spores strongly amyloid. Suspect 80260 is also M. mariae but this taxon can also have finger-like processes on cheilocystidia like M. mariae. Spores 8 x 5um87098
Mycena minirubra2006/1078Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Mycena minirubra2006/1617
Nile River[JAC]Cap tp 5mm, stem to 4cm. Deep crimson all over, arsing from a hairy basal disk. Basal hairs crimson (not brown at all), gill edge red. Gills drying white and contrasting with cap. Exuding red pigment into melzers. Spores amyloid 8x4, occasional larger spored indicates perhaps 2 & 4 -spored. Cheilocystidia lageniform and not awl-shaped. Not ura or mariae! Unfortunate there isn't a macro picture as this is clearly M. minirubra and there is only 1 record in PDD.87128
Mycena podocarpi2006/1494
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]purple. Not bleeding, gill edge concolorous, with basal white strigose hairs. Exuding purple pigment into Melzers. Spores strongly amyloid 6 x 3.5um, cap surface finely diverticulate, no pleuro or cheilocystidia found. podocarpi despite absence of cystidia?87073
Mycena pura2006/0261Banbury Cross Bridle Track, Denniston  
Mycena roseoflava2006/1572
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]Tissue dextrinoid, spores subglobose, amyloid, cap hymeniderm with large vesiculose, roughened cells. With its eccentric stem looking like a Panellus and the broom cells are definitely on the cap, not cheilocystidia.87087
Mycena sanguinolenta2006/0950Oparara 88915
Mycena sanguinolenta2006/1473Charming Creek Walkway 88918
Mycena ura2006/0245Banbury Cross Bridle Track, Denniston  
Mycena ura2006/0373Charming Creek Walkway  
Mycena ura2006/0404Lake Hanlon  
Mycena ura2006/1160Charming Creek Walkway  
Mycena ura2006/1189Murray Creek Track, Reefton  
Mycena ura2006/1471Charming Creek Walkway  
Nidula niveotomentosa2006/0111Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Nidula niveotomentosa2006/0258Banbury Cross Bridle Track, Denniston  
Nidula niveotomentosa2006/0496track beyond Denniston Mine  
Nidula niveotomentosa2006/0976Oparara Gorge, Karamea  
Nidula niveotomentosa2006/1194Murray Creek Track, Reefton  
Nidula niveotomentosa2006/1677Murray Creek Track (Reefton)  
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]very pale and short stalked. Stem yellowish, cap viscid. Spores thick walled, with germ pore, brown, symmetrical to 18x9um, basidia 1,2,3,4 spored. Cuticle a gelatinised cutis, subepidermis with inflated cells, with chrysocystidia. Not entirely clear what separates this from Weraroa. N. lignicola is near but that with more pronounced stipe, different cheilocystidia87061
Octaviania tasmanica2006/0162Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Octaviania tasmanica2006/0582Charming Creek Walkway, Seddonville end  
Octaviania tasmanica2006/0870Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89058
Octaviania tasmanica2006/0994Nile River Walkway  
Octaviania tasmanica2006/1474
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]check. Has reddening peridium. Spores tan in mass. Collection overgrown with a mucor.87090
Omphalina foetida2006/1490
Pororari River Gorge[JAC] Decurrent gills. Same as 995987079
Omphalina foetida2006/1497
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]With lamellulae and interveining, gills drying yellow. Spores weakly amyloid, 4-spored 5-9x5-6um broadly ellipsoid, with cheilocystidia, without pleurocystidia, caulocystidia in fascicles, irregular in shape and with brown plasmatic content, tissue clamped, cap a cutis, with trichoderm pilocystidia elongate and also like caulocystidia. Clitocybula in Horak without cheilocystidia, with basal tomentum but that not coloured, cantharellula with fusoid spores and no cheilocystidia cc. Horak. Doesn't key. Largent hydropus if amyloid, clitocybe if not. From Singer Neotropica the key feature is the cap cystidia which this has. Hydropus section marginelii and close to subcartilagineus. I suspect some would place in Trogia (sensu Singer, Corner, Pegler) but that seems more safely associated with lilac colours. Fuhrer's 'Trogia straminea' is close. Doesn't fit any of Pegler's Sri Lanka taxa. Not an omphalina but seems likely to be this taxon.87062
Omphalina foetida2006/1552Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]Dried badly. Cap with embedded crystals otherwise same as other collections looking like this.87096
Oudemansiella2006/0946Box Canyon, Oparara, Karamea 88894
Nile River[JAC]slimy capped, looking like an Oudemansiella. Spores weakly amyloid, broadly ellipsoid 10x6.5um 4-spored, cap tissue gelatinized, not dextrinoid. Cap with pilocystidia (trichoderm) of large cells with brown plasmatic content (like my 'Trogia/Hydropus'). Gills adnate/decurrent. With cheilocystidia, without pleurocystidia. Not happy about Oudemansiella as spres weakly amyloid (but very) and not globose.87113
Panellus stypticus2006/0351Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea[jac] Cap of thick walled glassy clamped hyphae covered by thin layer of strongly amyloid finely diverticulate elements. Gill trama gelatinised? Hymenium interspersed with amyloid material (collapsed spores?). Spores thin walled, amyloid, 4x2, cylindrical. Gill edge and face with ramealis hyphae (cystidia?). This is the same as JAC10092, 9326, 10085. P. stypticus is nearest. Micrograph shows cap section/spores at top and cheilocystidia ta bottom. 
Perseverence Road[JAC]attachment to substrate surrounded by thin patch of pale mycelium, stem more prominent than image indicates. Cap with diverticulate elements. Spores inamyloid, not dextrinoid, 4-5x2.5um, gills with lageniform cheilocystidia. Cap not gelatinous, with pilocystidia like cheilocystidia and hyphae with coarse encrusting pigment and clamps. Small for a Panus - and not Panellus stypticus87223
Paurocotylis pila2006/0028Charming Creek Walkway 88989
Paurocotylis pila2006/1656Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea  
Phaeocollybia2006/0143Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Phaeomarasmius lanatulus2006/1175
Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki[JAC] Cap a trichoderm with clamped, chained cells, and extra-cellular granular pigment. Large tick-wallled pleuro & cheilocystidia. Spores smooth, brown, not dextrinoid, without germ-pore, limoniform asymmetrical, thin-wallled, collapsing. No signs of veilar remnants. Cheilocystidia thick-walled, 50 x 15um, with neck. Spores 9-10 x 5-6um. This description is close to Phaeomarasmius lanatulus except that with shorter stem (15mm) and Cheilocystidia thin walled. However, there seem to be few specimens on which this description is based (one!). Egon had originally dtermined this as 'Psilocybe' purely on quick macro look I assume. Micrographs show cap cuticle and spores. Cheilocystidia and trama.89874
Phaeosolenia densa2006/0482
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]brown inside cup. Brown spores, smooth, without germ pore. Fruitbody cylindrical, subiculum not seen. Nothing else comes close (e.g. chromocyphella, merismodes, pellidiscus). No collections since 1973. Spores 8 x 6um. With brown hairs, but surface covered in white amorphous fine granules.87057
Phellodon nothofagi2006/0057Lake Hanlon[JAC] maybe not same taxon as FUNNZ2006-0573. With spiny spores and without inflated elements in context so a Phellodon. Smells weakly of fenugreek.89898
Phellodon nothofagi2006/0063Lake Hanlon[JAC] smells weakly of fenugreek. Brown not black (nothofagi not sinclairi). Spines are brown and not steel grey like some other collections.89859
Phellodon nothofagi2006/0093Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Phellodon nothofagi2006/0295Lake Hanlon Track 88970
Phellodon nothofagi2006/0572Karamea Oparara Arches Track[JAC] has dried smell of curry (fenugreek). Hyphae in context 5um diam. Stipe tomentose, creamy, dark brown in KOH. P. sinclairii is black, bigger and and has aniseed smell. McNabb doesn't mention smell of nothofagi (but most phellodons have this smell).89880
Phellodon nothofagi2006/1086Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Phellodon nothofagi2006/1182Murray Creek Track, Reefton  
Phellodon nothofagi2006/1640Inland Pack Track, Pororari River crossing  
Phellodon nothofagi2006/1651Nile River Walkway  
Phellodon sinclairii2006/0305Lake Hanlon Track 89028
Phellodon sinclairii2006/0397Lake Hanlon  
Phellodon sinclairii2006/1200Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea  
Phellodon sinclairii2006/1641Inland Pack Track, Pororari River crossing  
Phellodon sinclairii2006/1650Nile River Walkway  
Phellodon sinclairii2006/1671Fenian Caves Walk (Oparara)  
Pholiota2006/1005Upper Waimangaroa River Valley, past Coalbrookdaletentative id88879
Charming Creek Walkway[jac] Cap dried stuck to paper so assume viscid. Spores with germ pore, some phaseoliform, 7-8 x 5um, thickish walled. Chrysocystidia obvious, and yellow staining cells in trama (look gloeoiferous). Pleurocystidia 30 x 8um most capitate or extended nck, fracturing in squash. Cheilocystidia layer not obvious, like pleurocystridia. Without white basal tomentum. Closer to squarrosipes than some other collections from NZ given that name. Micrograph shows spores and yellow (in KOH) trama hyphae. Bottom Chrysocystidia. Gill edge not white.89867
Pholiota alnicola2006/1074
Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki[jac] Originally as P. malicola which is later synonym acc. Holek. For comparison with p. multicingulata: P. multicingulata cap to 5.5cm ochraceous to umber, viscid, fibrillose-squamulose, stem 5cmx5mm paler at apex and fibrillose zones towards base, spores 6.5-8 x 4.5-5 with grem pore, cystidia 40-70x15 fusoid-lageniform. P. malicola sensu smith & hesler cap 3-6cm yellow ochraceous, stem 4-15x4-10mm, pa;er at apex and darker, fibrillose, but not scaly below, spores 8.5-11x4.5-5.5, cheilocystidia 22-45x4-9um. This taxon without chrysocystidia, without pleurocystidia, with gloeoiferous (yellow in KOH) hyphae, spores quite dark in KOH, amygdaliform, with small pore 8 x 4um. (Holec's subgenus Flammula with P. alnicola). For Smith the differences between alnicola and mailcola are negligible apart from bitter taste of latter. The taste of the dried material is bitter. Holec synonimises these two and has alnicola as mild. P. alnicola has priority. New record for NZ.88899
Pholiota squarrosipes2006/1162
Rimu Track, Big Tree, Karamea[jac] material and photo has debris stuck to cap so assume this was tacky at least when fresh. Collectors' note 'pleurocystidia as chrysocystidia embedded in lamella wall.' There are a few 'cells' in the gill face tissue which stain yellow but they aren't the pleurocystidia which are broad, with refractive content. Some of these have a very faint yellow colouration. Cheilocystidia cylindrical, 40 x 9 um thin walled, very different to pleurocystidia 15-25 x 10um with refractive content. Gill edge white (with sterile layer). This is 'just' section pholiota sensu Holec. Spores with germ pore 6 x 4.5. In Holec then not squarrusoides but closer to conissans. Not convinced this is squarrosipes sensu Grgurinovich. Her drawing shows cheilocystidia far more variable in shape, pleurocystidia more slender and spores smaller. Micrograph shows pleurocystidia at top, spores and cheilocystidia middle, cap hyphae bottom.89870
Chasm Creek WalkwayP. n-z is described as 'dark brown when young, becoming paler at maturity and then cocoa brow mid brown or faintly yellowish brown, stem slightly paler than cap, gills bright yellow staining greenish blue where damaged'. This stains red with KOH, brown with NH4OH. Cystidia 100 x 20um, spores 13-15 x 5-6um with rugulose content. These measurements larger than P.n-z and macro caharacters different. Pic shows cystidia and spores.89876
Phylloporus novaezelandiae2006/0319Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea 88955
Charming Creek Walkway[jac] There are other records of a Pleurocollybia on tree fern. This dries with gills becoming distinctly orange. Cap a cutis, clamped, with occasional small diverticulae, spores 3.5x3um subglobose, inamyloid (or weakly so), no cystidia. Differs from cremula in gills not lacerate, stem without swollen base. Micrograph shows spores, clampes and cap diverticulae. Horak's key describes Pleurocllybia with dense gills and this doesn't have that feature.89834
Pleurocollybia cremea2006/1500
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]white with eccentric stem. Cap a cutis, with clamped refractive lumpy hyphae, not obviously ornamented, but with hyaline extra-cellular material, 4-spored subglobose 3-4um, without cheilocystidia, no tissue amyloid or dextrinoid. Why isn't this a Pleurocybella? And what is the difference between this and Cleland's Clitocybe semiocculta? For Singer Pleurocollybia without clamps and Cleland has semiocculta with clamps. This material has clamps.87074
Pleuroflammula praestans2006/1191
Charming Creek Walkway[jac] Identified as a Crepidotus. This has a small but distinct eccentric stem with a ring (and presumably a veil) so maybe not Crepidotus. Dry gills are brown with speckled yellow (pleurocystidia) and have thick brown encrustations on gill edge (cheilocystidia). Exuding yellow pigment into KOH, cap scurfy tissue turning purple/brown in KOH. Pleuro & cheilocystidia yellow in KOH. Spores thick-walled, broadly ellipsoid 9 x 6um, no germ pore. Spores rust-brown. Cap a disorganised cutis, pigment encrusting, clamped. This is a Pleuroflammula sp. Photo d shows clamped cap hyphae, spores and pleurocystidia (in KOH), e shows cheilocystidia. This is definitely 4-spored so not P. ragazziana - altho morphologically close. This fits with Horak's description of P. praestans apart from maybe paler tan colour (described as deep yellow or yellow-brown), and different pleurocystidia (maybe pictured ones are immature?). PDD71271(ZT8463) has paler-yellow cap and thinner elongate cheilocystidia mixed in with ones like those here. PDD74247 is identical with this material in every respect. PDD6394 is the same again but with darker cap, almost reddy brown. Segedin's notes don't mention yellow cheilocystidia and she must have missed the scurfy cap as she indicates 'nr. puberlua'. I'd say all 4 collections fit within a 'praestans' with a broad colour range. If anything 71271 is the odd one out. P. p. is a candidate for the red data lsit as all species seem to be infrequently recorded, as mentioned by Horak.89855
Nile River[JAC]slimy cap, cap elastic. With distinct ixocutis, spores amyloid, cylindrical/phaseoliform, 8 x 4um, with amyloid material in gill tissue, cap tissue clamped. Microscopically identical to P. longinquus. Just a small immature collection?87116
Pleurotopsis longinqua2006/0801Oparara Arch Walk, Karamea[jac] cap a strong ixocutis, spores strongly amyloid.89869
Pleurotopsis longinqua2006/0970Oparara Gorge, Karamea 88908
Pleurotopsis longinqua2006/1058Croesus Track, Blackball[jac]originally as Resupinatus (Biddy) and then Hohenbuehelia (Horak). Spores amyloid allantoid, no cystidia, cap gelatinised, clamped. No metuloids.89838
Pleurotus djamor2006/0019
Charming Creek Walkway[jac] David had as Conchomyces bursaeformis but not that. Cap hyphae thick-walled, glassy, inamyloid, occasional clamped, not gelatinised, external pigmentation, a cutis (dimitic?). Spores cylindrical 9x4um , smooth, white, inamyloid, no pleurocystidia, cheilocystidia basidiolar tending to lecithiform, with globose, amorphous crystalline material, very tough to squash. A young Pleurotus djamor89842
Pleurotus djamor2006/0284near Little Wanganui, Karamea?Pleurotus pulmonarius [Ron Petersen]88965
Plicaturopsis scarlatina2006/0459near Mirror Tarn, Oparara, Karamea[JAC] Cap surface tissue a gelatinized cutis containing oliiferous hyphae, clamped. Spores allantoid, inamyloid 4um long 
Pluteus2006/1482Charming Creek Walkway  
Podoserpula pusio var. pusio2006/0982Nile River Walkway 88911
Polyporus arcularius2006/0097Tiropahi Creek Track, Charlestontentative id88902
Propolomyces versicolor2006/1491Denniston Walkway  
Psathyloma2006/0945Box Canyon/Crazy Paving caves, Oparara, Karamea?not P. psathyrelloides88927
Psathyrella2006/0315Lake Hanlon Track  
Psathyrella2006/0962Oparara Gorge, Karamea 88904
Nile River Walkway[collector note?] Coprinus disseminatus?.0 [jac] with strigose base hairs. Cap and stem covered in obvious hairs, without veil. Has setae and globose cap cells, no veil, 4-spored, distinctly mitriform spores 7x5um due to very large germ pore 2.5um wide, thick-walled. A psathyrella.89849
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]Possibly on tree fern stem. clustered, small, with cystidia sticking out all over. Cap cells spherical and a Psathyrella and same as FUNNZ 2006/1227. Spores 9x5um and distinctly asymmetrically mitriform with very large germ pore.87075
Psathyrella asperospora2006/0579Rimu Track, Big Tree, Karamea 88982
Psathyrella asperospora2006/0630Rimu Track, Big Tree, Karamea 88960
Pseudaegerita viridis2006/1620Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]#2. Propagules green, to 125um diam, elements 4-5um. Conidia quite small for this but colour perhaps nearer than some of the other collections under this name. To ICMP 4/9/0687204
Pycnoporus coccineus2006/0317Denniston Walkway 88953
Pycnoporus coccineus2006/0378Westport Beach  
Pycnoporus coccineus2006/1644Nile River Walkway  
Pythium insidiosum2006/1661Westport Beachfungal infection of ?fetlock lesions 
Ramaria lorithamnus2006/0306
Murray Creek Track, Reeftontentative id by R.P. [jac] basidia 4-spored, tan, 9x4um, with cyanophilous bumps (not spines), tissue monomitic, unclamped. R. lorithamnus fits.89853
Ramaria samuelsii2006/0354Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea 88957
Ramaria samuelsii2006/0647Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Ramariopsis2006/0347Charming Creek Walkwaytentative id88993
Ramariopsis2006/1151Charming Creek Walkway  
Ramariopsis antillarum2006/1665Pororari River Track (Punakaiki)  
Ramariopsis ramarioides2006/0366Lake Hanlon 89068
Ramariopsis simplex2006/0235
Charming Creek Walkway[jac] Spores smooth, globose, 7-8um, cyanophilous, thick-walled, pale tan?, 3-4 spored, monomitic. Ramariopsis simplex has spores this size but fruitbody larger, antillarum has smaller spores, but this, with cream club and yellow stem, looks closer to Clavaria nz, but again that quite large.89852
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]white lateral stemmed. Other sporocarps not in picture have longer stems. Drying yellow with yellow resinous globules on gill edge and on cap. Cheilocystidia lageniform with very small finger-like processes at apex. Spores broadly ellipsoid/subglobose, with refractive walls, inamyloid (or very weakly so), 9 x 7um. Cap tissue gelatinised. Trama not dextrinoid (or weakly so). This is a Resinomycena87101
Resupinatus applicatus2006/1605
Nile River[JAC]Hairs on cap visible. With gelatinised layer, crystal in cap, spores inamyloid 4-5um globose,87121
Resupinatus merulioides2006/0242
Pororari River Walk, Punakaiki[pc]pileus 3-8mm across, 2-7mm anterior/posterior, 1-3mm high. Broadly convex flabelliform, some fruitbodies 'hooded' grey, dark grey, brown, with warted appearance, margin +- smooth. Hymenial surface concolorous with cap. grey, imbricate, flabelliform, anastomozing gills/veins. Spores inamyloid subglobose 4-7x4-6um. Pileal tissue gelatonised, cystidia clavate 25-35 x 4-7um, basidia clavate 25-35 x 4-8um. [jac] spores are v. weakly amyloid, cap covered with diverticulate hyphae, tissue clamped. This is Resupinatus merulioides known from Japan and new to NZ.89882
Rhizopogon2006/1023Carters Beach, Westport 88901
Richoniella pumila2006/1475
Charming Creek Walkwayphoto scale = 2mm 
Richoniella pumila2006/1659Rimu Track, Big Tree  
Rozites2006/0868Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 88961
Rozites2006/0869Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 88974
Russula2006/0390Punakaiki 89079
Russula2006/0393Punakaiki "Inland Track" 88997
Russula2006/0610Karamea[jac] With grey/purple gill edge. This is another coillection of something that looks like roseostipata but has salmon FeS04 and mild taste. 
Russula2006/0863Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 88984
Russula2006/1057Murray Creek Track, Reefton  
Russula albonigra2006/0058Banbury Cross Bridle Track, Dennistonaff. Albonigra 
Russula novaezelandiae2006/0003Punakaiki "Inland Track"[jac]FeS04 pink, taste mild, cap cream/tan, no lamullae, edge slightly pectinate, stem white, with septate pilocystidia (not colouring in SV). Not albolutescens (ps aseptate), not cremeoochracea (with lamellulae), not Rusula7, pale versio of novaezelandiae acc Pat's key. ID uncertain. 
Russula roseostipitata2006/0597Lewis Pass, Falls Trail, east of Springs Junction[JAC] Gill colour G-F, Flesh pinkish, cap greenish, hot taste, FeS04 grey/green. Roseostipata despite hot taste. I've come across this anomaly before. 
Russula tawai2006/0095Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston 88880
Russula tawai2006/0866Croesus Track, Blackball  
Russula tawai2006/1082Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Russula tawai2006/1228Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki 89034
Russula umerensis2006/0659Lewis Pass, Falls Trail, east of Springs Junction[jac] FeS04 salmon, stem white, taste mild. Strong smell in dried material. 
Sarcodon thwaitesii2006/0086
bottom Bridle Track, Denniston 89873
Schizophyllum commune2006/0564Heaphy Track, Kohaihai River 88954
Sclerotiniaceae2006/0452Denniston Walkway 89051
Sclerotiniaceae2006/0460Denniston Walkway 89052
Scutellinia2006/0359Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea 88959
Scutellinia2006/0649Pororari River Track  
Selenosporella curvispora2006/1622Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]#4 10110, dark in reverse and pinkish on top. Overcome by Penicillium. 
Sepedonium chrysospermum2006/1445Nile River[JAC]87124
Simocybe2006/1525Pororari River Gorge[JAC] 
Sirobasidium brefeldianum2006/0071Bridle Track, Denniston  
Sirobasidium brefeldianum2006/0978Box Canyon, Oparara, Karamea 88875
Spirosphaera caricis-graminis2006/1621Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]#10 colony yellow, not sporulating. On leaf 70um diam, filament 2.5um, constricted at septa87206
Stachylidium bicolor2006/1638Inland Pack Track/Pororari River Track junction  
Stachylidium bicolor2006/2001Pororari River Gorge[JAC]material with jac9954. Hughes comments about end of conidia apearing thicker thansides are confirmed in this material. 
Stereum vellereum2006/0259Bridle Track, Denniston  
Stereum vellereum2006/1465Charming Creek Walkway  
Stropharia aurantiaca2006/0372Westport Beach Camping Area 89086
Subulispora britannica2006/1630Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]#3 dark in reverse. 35-55um long, 2um at base, elongate triangular, conidiophore apex branched, with low pegs. Up to 3 septate. Morphology changed in culture? To ICMP 4/9/0687201
Suillus brevipes2006/0640Nile River Walkway  
Suillus brevipes2006/1079Carters Beach, Westport  
Suillus granulatus2006/0310Heaphy Track carpark, Karamea  
Thaxterogaster porphyreus2006/1458Nile River[JAC]Photod as JAC10007 but actually 1015987240
Thaxterogaster viola2006/1184Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki  
Thelephora2006/1164Charming Creek Walkway, Seddonville endfor Barbara Paulus 
Trametes versicolor2006/1467Charming Creek Walkway  
Tremella fuciformis2006/0996Nile River Walkway  
Tremella mesenterica2006/0369Westport Beach  
Tremella mesenterica2006/0512Nile River Walkway  
Tremellodendropsis2006/1208Pororari River Walk, Punakaiki 89005
Tremellodendropsis flagelliformis2006/1485
Pororari River Gorge[JAC]Basidia incompletely cruciate, spores ellipsoid, 12um. Possibly T. flagelliformis but id is tentative.87063
Trichia crateriformis2006/0637Bullock Creek Track, Punakaiki[JAC] Very rare and characterised by preformed operculum. Collection requires examination - perhaps Perichaena corticalis? 
Trichocomaceae2006/0160Charming Creek Walkway 89035
Opara Basin, Moria Gate Track[jac] Conidia powdery yellow, cylindrical with constricted waist 5.5x3um, with equatorial and longitudinal linear crests. 
Trichocomaceae2006/1654Fenian Track, Oparara River, Karamea  
Trichocomaceae2006/1655Moria Gate Track, Oparara Basin, Karamea  
Trichoderma2006/0576Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction"sp. 5" [GS Ridley] 
Tricholoma2006/0638Nile River Walkway?stans/?pessundatum [Katrin Walbert] 
Tricholoma2006/0963Blacks Point, Murray Creek"sp. 5" [Geoff Ridley]88891
Tricholoma2006/1062Murray Creek Track, Reefton  
Tricholoma "wangapeka" Leonard "sp.2" Ridley2006/0857Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction= "Wangapeka" Leonard; = sp. 2 Ridley88978
Tricholoma elegans2006/0562Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89090
Tricholoma elegans2006/0877Lake Daniells Track, Springs Junction 89022
Nile River[JAC]gill trama dextrinoid, spores amyloid cylindrical 7x3um, diverticulate cheilocystida, large brown cells in cap. Not sure this is 'Omphalina foetida' but it's close.87120
Tylopilus formosus2006/0122Tiropahi Creek Track, Charleston  
Tylopilus formosus2006/0165Maruia  
Tylopilus formosus2006/0389Punakaiki "Inland Track" 89087
Tylopilus formosus2006/0427Lake Hanlon  
Tylopilus formosus2006/0612Karamea River Walk  
Tylopilus formosus2006/1165Charming Creek Walkway, Seddonville end  
Tylopilus formosus2006/1652Nile River Walkway  
Vuilleminia comedens2006/0167
Banbury Cross Bridle Track, Dennistonaff. Comedens [jac] spores to 22 x 5um and weakly amyloid. Spores maybe a bit larger than Northern hemisphere white 'true' comedens89866
Weraroa erythrocephala2006/0083Pororari River Track  
Weraroa erythrocephala2006/0371Pororari River Track  
Weraroa erythrocephala2006/0593Nikau Loop Track, Karamea 89024
Weraroa erythrocephala2006/1663Pororari River Track (Punakaiki)  
Weraroa virescens2006/0158Tiropahi Tramway, Charleston  
Weraroa virescens2006/0267Bridle Track, Denniston  
Weraroa virescens2006/0506Nile River Walkway  
Weraroa virescens2006/0578Moria Gate Track, Oparara Basin, Karamea 89009
Weraroa virescens2006/0599N end of Tiropahi Tramway  
Weraroa virescens2006/1038Croesus Track, Blackball  
Weraroa virescens2006/1559
Oparara Arches, Karamea[JAC]spores 14x8um, sometimes with attached sterigma? (or germinated?). This has the smaller spores and elongated fruitbody of W. virescens compared with W. novaezelandiae.87102
Weraroa virescens2006/1649Nile River Walkway  
Xerocomus nothofagi2006/0973Inland Pack Track, Pororari River crossing 88876
Xerocomus nothofagi2006/0977Charming Creek Walkway 88896
Xerocomus scabripes2006/0622Lyell Walkwaytentative species id89001
Xeromphalina leonina2006/0362Charming Creek Walkway  
Xylaria2006/0179Pororari River Track  
Xylaria tuberiformis2006/0948Oparara Gorge 88921